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Not up to par for a Mac app

Im not as impressed as the iToy users that purchased this for iOS devices were. After a brief look through this app I found the user interface was terrible and clumsy. The text in many of the images on the right for conditions were cut off. The blue text inside images on the left are blurry and look terrible with darker shades. In fact even the opening screen with the anatomy color chart has text that is unreadable. Trying to adjust the left and right columns was a dismal failure. I was also going to write an article about this app on my blog for my readers. But Ive decided to skip this app because of the inconsistency of its name. Is this app called "AgingSpine" as it is listed on MAS or is this app called "Aging Spine" as seen multiple times in the description? This discrepancy negates any credibility of the app for me. I dont care if the author went to Harvard or Yale. If they cant get a simple thing like a app name right and consistent then I have little confidence in the work. Overall I give this a 1 star because this needs some serious work. The only reason I give this a 1 star is because they got it right when it was given away for free.

I Love Orcas Apps For iPad & iPhone

Now I can enjoy them with a little more screen real estate. Its also nice to be able to share them with some of my friends and family (notably, my grandparents, for whom this app is particularly helpful) who do not have iPhones or iPads but do have Apple computers. Orca is truly democratizing this very specialized information by making it more accessible to more people. Oh and this app is awesome if you have any questions about age-related back and spine problems--highly recommend!

Aging Spine

This app is one of the few that allowed me to gain a greater knowledge of my body in an easy and entertaining way.

Like it, but it needs more function and muti-languages.

The qulity of pic are so amazing and the explanation is so good, but I just hope it support muti-language, such as chinese.

The Aging Spine

Exactly what I needed to explain spinal stenosis to my husband whose back is slowly making him immobile. He never wants to ask the doctors questions but this tool is excellent for explaining spinal problems to family and or patients.

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